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Residential Real Estate Law

Are you ready for a NEW CHAPTER in your life?

Selling, buying, or relocating, a new house can be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life.  We are here to stop the unwanted questions and surprises when buying or selling a house. Residential Real Estate complies with land and building; residential places that include single or multiple families either owning a home or renting a home. After all the time and consideration in looking for a house or waiting for an offer, this is most challenging time… the wait. Emery Law conducts title searches, all correct legal documents, and supervises each process very carefully. Residential Real Estate actually has two closings; real estate closing and mortgage closing in which we are ready and willing to help our clients do both life changing events. Buyer or seller should be prepared to provide funds on the day of closing. Emery Law will notify you the amount responsible for closing as soon as all the documentation is submitted.  After the closing, this is where we specialize, we ensure that all of the correct contracts and inspections are up to date. Closing refers to once the deed is recorded, and then your house is yours. We deal with purchases with or without loans, reviewing all lender documents and any issues with title.

The staff at Emery Law of Myrtle Beach take our roles in your closing process seriously when it comes to the issues of Residential Real Estate such as title, deed, easement, escrow, and zoning concerns; we are with you every step of the way. Give us the opportunity to serve you!

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