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South Carolina Practice Areas

Our experienced staff here at Emery Law of Myrtle Beach are well equipped to handle almost any legal need you may have, but there are some areas of South Carolina law that we take exceptional pride in representing our clients. Real Estate law is an ever growing field of practice that we deal with on a daily basis. In both a residential and commercial setting our entire staff works together to ensure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed when it comes to the fine details of real estate law. The Myrtle Beach area is growing like no other and whether it is your first home, your forever home or even just an investment property, you want to make sure your attorney is well organized to ensure your buying or selling process is a pleasant one.

Corporate law is another are of practice that we here at Emery law specialize in. The Grand Strand is home to many local businesses as well as out-of-state investors and owners. When it comes to the world of corporate law the challenges that occur on a daily basis can change with the wind, which is why we make sure we are on top of things for you. Whether it is general counsel you seek, important contract or other documents that need reviewed or even litigation issues that need addressed, Emery law is here to make sure you’re needs are taken care of effectively¬†and efficiently.

While Real Estate and Corporate Law might be our bread and butter, that doesn’t mean we ignore the rest. From foreclosures, to tax issues to civil issues such as personal injury cases, worker’s compensation, environmental etc.. Emery Law of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina knows what it takes to represent you to the fullest and make sure you’ve got the best legal team around.

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