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Landlord Tenant Law

Myrtle Beach is a big area of homeowners that rent or lease homes to families and individuals. Every homeowner wants the perfect tenant, but sometimes we aren’t that lucky. Our attorneys can create an easy, healthy relationship for tenant and landlord because Emery Law is equipped with the knowledge of rental and lease agreements, rent and security deposits, landlord and tenant rights, repairs, maintenance and eviction. We know at Emery Law these processes are never easy for either party but we can do everything in our power to create a less stressful environment.

We can help both parties understand the law and their contract. Each party has rights. South Carolina is a landlord-dominated state but we are here for equality for each party.  If there is a major dispute, the best solution is to hire Emery Law of Myrtle Beach to advise and guide you through each and every one of theses topics.

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